Welcome Everyone!! I am Hasan Shahid Ferdous, a PhD research student at the Microsoft Centre for SocialNUI and Interaction Design Lab (IDL), Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne, Australia. My current research is focused on social and collaborative use of technologies, particularly in the family mealtime context. I am also interested in touch, eye-gaze and other NUI interactions in the public or private social settings.

I have completed my Master of IT (Research) degree from from Monash University, Australia and BSc (Engg.) from the Dept. of CSE, BUET, Bangladesh. Please navigate through this page or the links above to know more about me and my work.

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Recent Life Events

Recent Projects


Everyday interactions with technologies (e.g., TV, mobile phones, etc.) around family mealtimes are often criticised. But can there be any positives too?

Gestural Interactions

One project explored possibilities of free hand drawing with Microsoft Kinect. Another used it for body posture detection.


Social media question asking (SMQA), particularly in the developing regions are enabling many people to seek information which is unreachable to them otherwise.


An ethnographic work about fighting sexual harassment in urban Bangladesh to address and understand such difficult and culturally sensitive problems.