Software Projects as Part of BSc. in CSE Degree

I have developed many software projects as a part of my BSc. in CSE degree from Dept. of CSE, BUET, Bangladesh.

Internet Billing System: A database based web project that mimics the workings of an ISP’s webpage and dialup systems. It was developed to fulfill the requirements of BUET Database coursework (ASP.NET, C#, Oracle 10g).

Network Chess: A Chess Game which could be played on a Single computer or in two computers in a network. This project won the 4th award in the 3rd Science Festival, 2004 held by Notre Dame Science Club. Language: Java.

Online Judge: Software that mimics the work of the software “PC2”. It can judge C, C++ and Java programs using Turbo C++ compiler and J2SDK. It was developed as a term project in the Object Oriented Programming course. It has network support and easy to use user interface.

Excel Data Conversion: Data retrieve, analysis and reporting from several Excel file.

Webmail service: Address book retrieval from webmail service

Multilanguage translator: Language translator using intelligence/most likelihood matching

Secret Messenger: Encode and decode users message with the image information

Data Link Layer of OSI Model: DLL with byte stuffing and Go Back N protocol with CRC 16 error check

Cricket Game using Open GL: 3D cricket game using camera, texture, lighting, material, scene graph, etc.

Chess and Tic Tac Toe in C++: Graphical UI based game built using Turbo C++

Hospital Management System: b>Graphical UI based database using Turbo C++

Huffman Coding: Implementation of Huffman Coding using Java

Fat 12 system command prompt: Implemented in MASM

Election Prediction: Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network in Mat Lab 7.0

Memory Manager and File System of UNIX: Mimics the memory manager and iNode based file system in Unix OS

Our Team

Almost all these projects are done in conjunction with my buddy Tamal Saha


Hasan Shahid Ferdous


Tamal Saha